Monday, January 9, 2012

Yes, you are bored with Chekhov

Well, I can't blame you. All I do is go on and on about this Chekhov guy and what a genius he was and how you should read his stories & cetera. You don't want to read those posts from me. You don't want to read Chekhov. What you really want is to hear about the book I'm currently writing. Yes, I know you do.

Go Home, Miss America is currently an incomplete rough draft. Today at lunch (I had a spinach salad, ta awfully) I completed Chapter 6, and I think it's a fine chapter. I'm not sure about the final line but I can delete that. It pulls the story forward, I think, but possibly it does so in a cliche manner and I am expending a great deal of energy avoiding/stamping out cliches in this manuscript. Which, of course, will make it even less marketable but one can't stop sacrificing for one's art, can one? No, one can't. Or shouldn't.

Anyway, Chapter Six done. Wordcount approximately 30,000. I think I'm about 1/3 of the way through this draft, if I stick to my vague outline and if my vague outline is anything like accurate. This weekend I told Mighty Reader that I'm shooting to have the first draft complete and, you know, possibly even revised once or twice by the end of July. We'll see.

Chapter Six had some good stuff about beards. Chapter Seven will have some good stuff about surgery and temptation, according to my vague outline. Chapter Eight will have some good stuff about Sisyphean tasks and possibly there will be a clear statement of one of the book's themes, though I'm not sure. I'll know when I get there, maybe.


  1. It's those Sisyphean tasks that get you every time, but it sounds as though you're at the top of the hill, enjoy while lasts, I say. The ebb and flow, the ups and downs of writing. I imagine Chekhov experienced it too.

  2. I'm not bored of your Chekhov posts, he was the least utilized of the Enterprise crew.

  3. Ooo, gives me chills! Especially the beards part, lol. I enjoy reading your Chekhov stuff, but hearing about your current projects is even better. :)

  4. Elisabeth: The trick is realizing that there is no stone, and no hill either. I try to follow Isak Dinesen's motto, to write a little every day without hope or despair.

    Charlie: At least he wasn't a red shirt. He was able to write all those stories because he didn't have much to do on the ship.

    Michelle: Tomorrow I'll be reading Shakespeare! The beard stuff in Chapter 6 is fun. Silly, but fun.