Friday, April 13, 2012

Warning: Famous Author At Work

I guess I'd brag about that, too.


  1. I thought I smelled a Friday Filler, so I had to come and check.

  2. Filler? Filler? How dare you, sir. Oh, okay. Filler. Though I'm actually happy that Rushdie posts nonsense like this to facebook. And he continues to brag about it in the comments afterwards.

    During lunch I walked to the university book store and bought a copy of Tolstoy's Hadji Murad and a copy of Nabokov's The Defense. Then I had Vietnamese noodles and talked about music with a metadata librarian. I have not written a word of my own novel-in-progress in a week.

  3. Friday Filler is not a criticism, just to be clear! On the bus today I read a Chekhov story. I think it was called "The House with the Mezzanine." I really liked how there were all these intricacies on the relationships between four characters in such a short space. Chekhov also always teaches me something about how to move through a story.

    I've started to work on my new book, Everybody! It's so much easier to come up with a title when I don't have a story.

  4. "The House With the Mezzanine" is an excellent story! I really liked the little girl. If I remember correctly, Chekhov does some gorgeous work with landscapes and sky in that one.

    He knew how to thread his way through all the incidents and keep forward motion going. A Chekhov story never stalls. Why am I not reading Chekhov, I suddenly wonder?

    I like to get the title pretty early on in the process. The Hamlet book has had something like a dozen titles. I blame that on my waiting to title it until I'd actually written it. Oh, I guess I should start referring to it as The Astrologer and not "the Hamlet book."

    Maybe I'll make Friday Filler a regular feature here. I miss Friday Filler. You need to start a new blog, Doctor M, so I can chat with you in the comments. I sent Michelle a rambly email this morning because I miss her. Alas, etc.

  5. You're allowed to not read Chekhov if you are instead reading Tolstoy. I grant you that. And, I've started two blogs, only to get stuck on what the content for the blogs should be. One of them had a picture of Peanut on it, but that idea was quickly rejected.

  6. I like "What's Davin Eating?" for a blog concept. I'd follow that blog.