Monday, April 16, 2012

A Weakness for Classic Mysteries

So I have a weakness for "golden age" detective stories. I like Poe and Doyle and Chesterton and I especially like Agatha Christie (admittedly I think the middles of Christie's books tend to be shapeless and messy, but I like her prose and she always has amusing and interesting observations about human nature). So fond am I of classic detective stories that I wrote a sort of one of my own, though I couldn't help but give mine a postmodernist slant and I'm told that it's not publishable.

But this little post is not about me, no matter what you may think. No, this is about our friend Alexandra MacKenzie, whose classic mystery novel Seattle Sleuth has just been published. Yesterday Mighty Reader and I finally managed to get to the Secret Garden bookstore where two copies of Alex' book have been waiting for us for quite some time. So now here we are, with two copies of a detective novel. Mighty Reader suggests that she and I do a read-along. We're both currently reading William Goldman's The Princess Bride (which differs significantly from the film and is quite a fine read) which will go quickly so MR will likely have her way on this and Seattle Sleuth will likely be the book I (we) read next. I am working hard to keep up with Mighty Reader; she reads much more quickly than I do.


  1. YAY! I've read it and it's a lovely book. I need to get my hands on a physical copy. :)

  2. Last night I was giving Mighty Reader time to catch up with me in the Princess Bride read-along, so I read the first chapter of Alex' book and it seems quite fine. It's a nice trim size, too.

  3. Glad you got the book! I, too, was best pleased by the trim size (I expected it to be taller and thinner).

    Since there are only two major female characters in the book, I shall give you and MR two guesses as to which one was, at least in part, inspired by none other than MR herself. Have fun!

  4. Gotta like those odds. We'll probably be done with the Goldman by the end of the weekend.