Friday, June 22, 2012

Friday! Filler! Backwards, in Latin

1. Yesterday evening, on the bus ride home, I finished drafting Chapter 14 of Go Home, Miss America. Two final chapters to go! That's still about 10K words, but I think I can finish this book by the end of July, which would put me Ahead of Schedule.

2. Next week I'm reading Gustave Flaubert's 19th-century sexy novel Madame Bovary, and a few other people will also be reading that book. You too should join the fun, whoever you are. There's a recent translation by Lydia Davis. You could sing the Lydia Davis translation song.

3. It's raining in Seattle! On the second day of Summer! Who is surprised by that?

4. In August I'll be revising Cocke & Bull. Maybe in September, too, depending on how much additional material I decide to add to the narrative. I look forward to this. Fingers crossed that the folks at Rhemalda Publishing will want the book. (Aside to Diane, Emmaline and Rhett: You will want the book.)

5. Sometime in the coming months I should have cover artwork for The Astrologer to share. That'll be fun! That'll also mean that I can actually do something useful with my vanity website, which has been sitting ignored for a long long time. Poor little vanity website. Soon it will contain artwork, maps, illustrations and excerpts from the novel. Won't that be exciting! Yes, it will! Will it drive sales of the book next year? Oh, we doubt it, but it will still amuse me and that, really, is what art is all about: the amusement of the artist. I swear I read that in one of Leonardo da Vinci's notebooks. Backwards, in Latin.

6. This weekend, maybe, we'll buy lumber and pour concrete! If it ever stops raining and if we don't decide to go canoeing instead. Canoes are cool. Hell, I'm now hoping for the canoe option.


  1. Aww, I wish I could read Madame Bovary, but I'm reading an astrologer book to blurb (and I'm excited!) and then I will be reading a Pagani book by another friend of mine (and I'm excited!), so my reading list is too darned full. All my other time goes to the kid and to my house and husband and writing a book. I need a nap. :) But I hope you enjoy it! I love that book. :)

  2. You are reading two excellent books! I hope you like them both! Go take a nap.

  3. Hey, you finally unveil Friday Filler and it's on a day I was too busy racing toward a proposal deadline to play! Well, now I'm done. The university submitted with three whole minutes to spare and I have only fleeting memories of what the last three days have been like. I'm spreading my Friday Filler on Monday!

  4. Do you use an electronic grants management system there? Ours is called SAGE. We pride ourselves on our acronyms. Electronic grants management systems are nothing but filler.

    Friday Filler is delicious on any day of the week!