Monday, June 18, 2012

getting ahead of myself

On Saturday night, Mighty Reader and I went to a nice Turkish restaurant and drank a lot of wine and raki (they called it "arack") while listening to a couple of bands. Les Pamplemousses is a French cabaret-style duo and I was delighted to discover that Marchette DuBois, world citizen, was the accordionist. I've long been a fan of Ms DuBois and I confess I was disappointed when she didn't do any singing. Marchette has an amazing voice, not that Ines Andrade was any slouch. Shades of Edith Piaf, I say, and good goofy fun it was. Sonerion was the headliner, and they rocked the house with Breton music and a special guest appearance by Stanley Greenthal, famous Seattle folk scenester. Stan's wife Kip was there, and she's a good writer and we talked about revisions and agents for too brief a time. I appear to have agreed to someday sit in for a song or a suite of songs with Sonerion, but I did have a bit more to drink than usual so perhaps I didn't actually agree to anything. But it would be fun, so Ron and I'll have to discuss repertoire. Sona's new button accordion rocks (as does Sona), and Daniel's groove-oriented bass playing is totally amazing. I was visibly impressed and it's too bad that Cafe Paloma lacks adequate room for a mosh pit.

Les Pamplemousses at Cafe Paloma:

Sonerion at Cafe Paloma:

None of that was what I was going to write. No, I was going to say that yesterday morning I climbed out of bed and stumbled down the hall to the "office" where I grabbed a pen and paper and scribbled out the first chapter of the next book I'm going to write. I had only meant to write down the first sentence (because one should strike while the iron is hot, etc) but stuff just kept coming so I went with it. Now I will ignore that chapter and finish Go Home, Miss America, but it's nice to know that I'm excited about the next project and it's sort of cool to have actually begun writing it. I've started poking about with research and I think that my plans for the plot and characters are all going to fall into place nicely with actual world events of 1790 so this will be a lot of fun. Alas, I have loads of work to do with existing books, too. But Book Seven, Chapter One is already written down. I just need to finish Book Six, finish fussing with Book Four and see if the folks at Rhemalda want to publish it after they publish Book Three, and decide what I want to do with Book Five. And stuff. Lots to do, as I say.

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