Saturday, September 22, 2012

Maybe the bear can go on the back

This morning I got an email from Rhett, my publisher. He sent me two roughs of the cover of THE ASTROLOGER. The design is pretty cool. There should be final artwork soon.


  1. Congrats, Scott! Rhett sent me the full layout of the Bonded jacket today. Can't wait to get the real book. :)

    So there's a bear on the back?

  2. yay. Bear? I guess I need to catch up.


  3. Michelle, BONDED looks very cool. I have to order my copy!

    There's no bear on the back yet. We'll see what Melissa comes up with. I trust her more than I trust my own ideas. She's awfully good, I think.

    Donna, there's a bear in the last act of the book, and bear images all through the narrative. I wanted to have a bear on the front cover, but it just didn't work. Maybe there'll be a bear on the back. Maybe.