Thursday, November 1, 2012

About Last Night

Jack O'Lantern, the 2012 edition. I swear he looked scary before we turned out the lights:

(photo credit: Mighty Reader)

The trick-or-treat count was low again this year. I hear that all the kids are commuting to the tonier neighborhood of north Capital Hill. I shake my fist at you, tonier neighborhood.

Our plans to watch a scary movie or read scary stories came to nothing. Instead we fussed with the pictured pumpkin, attended to the occasional costumed child, and read separate books. I finished The Defense and it was excellent. I realize I've read three Nabokovs this year. I've been reading a lot of Russian literature lately, so my next book is a classic of modern Japanese literature. After that, assuming I finish Fortunata and Jacinta any time soon, I'll read Ulysses again, because it seems like the right thing to do. Meanwhile, I'm closing in on the end of Chapter 9 of Mona in the Desert. There's not much of Mona in this chapter; it's all about Olive and her two Ernests. There'll be more of Mona in Chapter 10, I think. More of the Church of the Sleepy God and the Triplets. Flammable materials will be involved, I predict.


  1. That's a really impressive pumpkin! I like the teeth!

  2. I just follow the features already on the pumpkin skin; I take a very sharp knife and start outlining wrinkles and bumps and see what sort of face emerges. There's never a plan. He looked really scary in the kitchen, but lit up in the dark, he looked scared. It was the same with last year's jack-o-lantern. Clearly I'm doing something wrong.

  3. Your pumpkins are complex characters with their own personas masking their own hidden fears. You're the Chuck Norris of pumpkin carving.

    I also carved my pumpkin based on what I saw there already. I ended up with a sweet little kitty.

  4. Did you toast the pumpkin seeds. That's the best part of Halloween.

  5. And ... the way you carve pumpkins by following the pattern on the pumpkin is a great idea! Sounds more creative than any other approach I've seen!

  6. Mighty Reader has toasted the pumpkin seeds the last couple of years. The seeds from Wednesday night are still in a steel mixing bowl in the fridge, alas. I am not as big a fan of pumpkin seeds as Mighty Reader is.

    I used to try to come up with elaborate and creative ideas for pumpkin carving, but nowadays I just got nothing, so I start carving and hope for the best. I let the pumpkin guide me as much as possible because, you know, I'm not as creative as I'd like to think I am.