Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Penguins: Natural History and Conservation

I've been waiting for Dee Boersma to write a book about penguins, and she finally has.

"Beautifully illustrated with full-color photographs of each species in their natural habitat and detailed charts and graphs, Penguins will be an invaluable tool for researchers, conservation groups, and policy makers. It will also enchant anyone interested in the lives or the plight of these fascinating animals."

It looks like a fabulous book. It probably doesn't, alas, include the anecdote Dr Boersma once told me about the guy who was hit so hard in the chest by an emperor penguin's flipper that it almost busted his ribs.


  1. There is no way this isn't an excellent book.

    Penguins are cool.

  2. I really love penguins. The way they walk makes me smile until my face hurts.

  3. Yeah, it's all about the way they walk and at things like they are these frumpy little people. And sometimes they fall. And sometimes when they fall they keep sliding until they hit water.

  4. Tehehehe ... the smiling has begun! I want that book.