Monday, December 24, 2012

"Frosty" An Advent Ghosts story

My friend Loren Eaton invited me once again to participate in his "Advent Ghosts" scary Christmas story happening and I was supposed to put this up and link to his blog on the 22nd. Which I did not do. But I'm doing it today. So read this, then go read the other stories, and have a nice Christmas.


It’s getting dark, she said. Go check on the kids.

Where were they last, he said.

In the front, building a snowman.

I see the snowman, he said, looking out. Have you seen how big it is? They must’ve stood on each other’s shoulders to put the head on. It’s eight feet tall. I see Ricky’s scarf on the lawn.

He opened the door and called for his children. There was no answer. He turned to his wife and said, Maybe they’re at the neighbors? I swear that snowman’s closer to the house than it was a minute ago.


  1. Cute story. Happy Christmas Lord Bailey and Lady Reader!

  2. Merry Christmas to you (and the Child), and a fabulous 2013!

  3. Merry Christmas! We're supposed to get 6-12" of snow tomorrow. Maybe we'll have a killer snowman of our own.

  4. Oh, goodness, this isn't going to end well. Yet another story that makes me glad I live in Florida! Well done, Scott.

  5. He's not a benevolent Frosty. Could almost hear the tightening string music toward the end. Disturbing!

    ... and then it reminded me of Calvin & Hobbes, which made me smile.

    Nice work!