Friday, January 11, 2013


So that's the first draft of my seventh (I think) novel finished then. Possibly my best work so far. I hope so, anyway. The word count stands at 68,400 which is much longer than I'd ever planned. I originally envisioned this as a novella. But that's fine, and I feel quite free now, so I think I'll put the kettle on for some tea, because that's the sort of whooping it up we do around here. Last word in this manuscript: forever. I shall now proceed to ignore this book, this Mona in the Desert, for about a year while I work on other things.

There is a lot of Shakespeare in Mona in the Desert. I hope I've gotten some of that out of my system for a while. What are the odds?


  1. Congratulations. But you should know that word counts never end up as we think they will. The book that I just finished (The Earl of Bailey's book) was actually supposed to be 75K. Final word count 90K. And I've finished with the revisions and rewrites. So...

    Can't wait to read Mona in the Desert.

    And the last word in my ms. is love. Go figure.

  2. Congratulations, Scott! Celebrating with tea! I'll have a cup of tea to honor you today.

  3. Confetti! I wandered by and have wandered about--and now shall have some of that celebratory tea!