Monday, January 28, 2013

'Not so, sir,' said the stranger; 'my wants are few'

"Let me only request that I may be informed of the exact minute of the birth; and I hope to be able to put you in possession of some particulars which may influence in an important manner the future prospects of the child now about to come into this busy and changeful world. I will not conceal from you that I am skilful in understanding and interpreting the movements of those planetary bodies which exert their influences on the destiny of mortals. It is a science which I do not practise, like others who call themselves astrologers, for hire or reward; for I have a competent estate, and only use the knowledge I possess for the benefit of those in whom I feel an interest."

--Walter Scott, Guy Mannering, Volume I, Introduction


  1. I would like to work the same way.

  2. I work without knowledge for those in whom I feel no interest. I've been doing that all day.