Thursday, February 14, 2013

Feasts of Sts Cyril and Methodius

I have finished the first rough revision of the first draft of Mona in the Desert, which is my way of saying that I've done a hasty read-through and corrected the largest areas of self-contradiction and made vague note of the things that will require work in the future, by which I mean sometime in 2014 should I live so long. The point of this revision was to produce a rough draft that wasn't too rough for Mighty Reader to have a look at. Mighty Reader gets to see all of my first drafts, by which I mean my second drafts. Anyway, that's done and now I can turn my attentions to Go Home, Miss America. That narrative is in pretty good shape, but I need to write new scenes and insert them at strategic places in the second half of the story to better prepare the ending of the Catherine Lark storyline. I also want to add a scene that invokes the Seattle waterfront and skyline as seen from the west, because the David Malloy storyline seems to spend far too much time indoors and so I'll give the characters a chance to look around at the sky and breathe the salt air. The new Catherine Lark scenes are going to be a job of work, but I have a bunch of detailed notes and a pretty clear idea of what I'm trying to do so it's not completely daunting. Possibly I'll get started on that work next week. This week I'm busy fighting to remain upright while a flu virus fights to pull me into the grave. Damn you, flu virus.

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