Saturday, February 2, 2013

three dwarf Nigerian goats

On Thursday, Mighty Reader and I dashed down to Portland, Oregon for the night. One thing we did while in Portland was go to a reading at Powell's Books (Jennie P. Grant read from her City Goats and also provided a dandy slide show). Another thing we did was visit three dwarf Nigerian goats, who were all very sweet. One other thing we did was get me a new author photo taken:

This was our late-afternoon lunch at Kenny & Zukes, one block from Powell's. The happy hour burgers and fries were excellent. The beer was pretty good, too. I highly recommend Kenny & Zukes. When I have my reading at Powell's, we'll go back for more pints and nosh. Portland is a fine walkable town with many fine bridges. I now possess a t-shirt covered with profiles of a lot of Portland bridges. The bus lines served us handily when we were too tired to walk. My only regret is that Rimsky Korsakoffee wasn't open when we dropped by.

These, by the way, are the three goats:
photo credit: Mighty Reader


  1. I would love to have goats. I have nasty flora growing on a piece of land behind my garage and we have copperheads. I cannot build the fence for the dogs, until I chop down some trees, and cannot do that until the flora is gone and the snakes are out of there.

    There is a goat chomping service in town. I could rent 3 goats for $75 and they would get rid of all of it for me. So much easier than a machete I think.

    Glad you had fun in Portland. I haven't had a decent burger in years.

  2. I grew up with two goats. I'm pretty sure one of them was a dwarf of some kind. Funny creatures.

  3. Anne, we have "rent-a-ruminant" services in Seattle. Every summer, I see a small herd of goats on campus behind portable fencing, chewing away at a wall of invasive blackberry vine. They're awfully cute. The burgers were awfully good.

    Loren, goats' eyes freak me out, with those horizontally-barred pupils. Did you grow up on a farm? I am a city boy, so animals are divided into three groups: house pets, zoo animals, and farm animals. Farm animals were always things I saw on TV or in films. In a weird way, they still seem more foreign and exotic than zoo animals. I've been closer to tigers than I have to cows, for example. With the exception of burgers, that is.

  4. I suppose there are also wild animals that live neither in houses, zoos or farms. I almost never think about animals living in the wild. How absolutely American of me.

  5. Is it bad that when I look at goats all I can think about is a tree growing out of a house? :)

  6. Blogger has been refusing to let me comment on this post. Damn you, Blogger!

    I'd forgotten about that scene with the goat and the tree in "Thirds." I will try not to be creeped out now. Fairy tales are just plain weird.