Monday, April 15, 2013

I swear we're taller than we look here

Despite the odd foreshortening that makes our legs look shorter than they are in real life, this is my favorite photo of Michelle Davidson-Argyle and me, taken in my back yard amongst all the magnolia petals. Michelle and her husband drove out to Seattle late last week and spent a few days hanging out with us beneath the gray, visiting book stores and the UW campus, riding in amphibious assault vehicles, and eating a lot of seafood. Michelle is the author of all these books.

In other news, I am reading Chekhov again, which is absolutely lovely. I'm also still reading Finnegans Wake, which is lovely in a different way. By the end of this week I hope to have this round of revisions to my novel Go Home, Miss America complete. There will be, alas, at least one more round of revisions before I let any "industry professionals" have a look at the book. Next week, I think, I'll write Chapter One of Circus in the Dust, the sequel (sort of) to The Transcendental Detective.


  1. MY legs are that short. Yours aren't. But I'm used to looking like a midget next to anyone except kids. Even then ...

    Thanks again for having us stay! I want to steal your house, right down to the little birds Mary put over the doorway in the guest bedroom. And the magnolia petals. It was a lovely, relaxing trip.

  2. It was great to meet you at long last, Michelle! Glad you enjoyed your trip out here. They DO have a lovely home and garden, well worth stealing!

  3. I love that guest bedroom. I love the whole house and grounds. Mighty Reader, of course, gets all the credit for the loveliness of the place. I do some heavy lifting and construction, but she makes the place interesting and beautiful.

    Our house is NOT stealable. Alex, you know Gradka wouldn't allow that. But maybe you and Truman can come visit again this summer?

  4. It looks so normal to see you two together, like I've already seen this image in my head a thousand times. The yard looks so beautiful, with the fallen petals and the green.

  5. Davin,

    The garden looks pretty good right now, with most of the tulips in bloom and the magnolia dropping petals everywhere. The garden tells me it misses you, and wonders when you'll requite its love again.

    When Michelle got out of her car and gave me a hug, I almost said, "Welcome back" because it did seem like we'd already spent a lot of time together.

    We really didn't talk much about writing, though. Which is weird. We did talk about publishing. Which is not the same thing at all.