Saturday, June 8, 2013

like water parted from the sea

Dour douchy was a sieguldson. He cood that loud nor he was young. He cud bad caw nor he was gray Like wather parted from the say.

For be all rules of sport 'tis right That youth bedower'd to charm the night Whilst age is dumped to mind the day When wather parted from the say.

From Dancingtree till Suttonstone Theres lads no lie would filch a crown To mull their sack and brew their tay With wather parted from the say.

His bludgeon's bruk, his drum is tore. For spuds we'll keep the hat he wore And roll in clover in his clay By wather parted from the say.

The gangstairs strain and anger's up As Hoisty rares the can and cup To speed the bogre's barque away O'er water parted from the say.

The letter that ALP writes accusing her husband HCE of a sex crime, the letter she is urged to write by her son Shem the Penman, may well be this book itself, this thing called Finnegans Wake. If Shem is Joyce. Ireland is his mother, Dublin his father, Man an evil thing on the back of the Earth, brawling and lying and thieving and raping, and the Earth can only testify to the evil done her, but she cannot stop it. Maybe, for Shem's mother is also Eve, who tempted Adam? Anna Livia Plurabelle who put ribbons in her hair and wanted all the boys to notice her at the market, to fight over her? The question of guilt runs all through Finnegans Wake, and everyone accuses HCE, even his wife, even his sons, even Ireland, but is he worse than them, and is the accusation even true, or is it a dream of Shem's, to undo his father, to undo Dublin?

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