Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Me and Jonathan

Last night I dreamed that Jonathan Franzen was traveling around America doing presentations in the living rooms of suburban white people, at hosted affairs much like Tupperware(tm) parties. Franzen lay on his hosts' sofas and made a sales pitch for cake (sold by the slice) and ice cream (sold by the scoop), and possibly t-shirts as well. He took credit cards as well as cash. Franzen was unshaven, wore a dirty white undershirt, and had put on a considerable amount of weight. The cake looked really good, but the ice cream was melting all over the sofa.


  1. Last night I had a dream I was selling cars for my cousin's dealership. I wore a very frilly white blouse and black skirt. My hair was dyed auburn and I looked very chic. I had a pen behind my ear and was holding a clipboard. I was very proud of the fact I was I was doing a damn good job selling cars.

    I can only imagine what that means. I have several ideas.

  2. Before the Franzen bit of the dream, I dreamt that I was a member of a string quartet. A composer we knew--a fairly old gentleman--had written a quartet for us based somehow on the printed program of our current season. The violist was skeptical, but when we played the piece (it was pretty short, like two minutes long), we all loved it. It was sort of like a buzzy, busy kind of Webern piece, little dots of music spinning around in one place, very cool. We were all wearing black tuxedos. The printed program was lime green.

  3. When was the last time you played? Sounds like your inner self is missing the violin.

    I've also been dreaming a lot about food. And I know that means I need to cook. (I don't cook the way I used to.) So today I made a big bread pudding. It's a bread pudding kind of day.

    Perhaps you should pick up your instrument and play a little bit.

  4. I've been playing lately, that's the thing. I'm working up a bunch of Brahms and Dvorak, with the usual Bach stuff thrown in.

    To the best of my knowledge, I have never eaten bread pudding. Mighty Reader keeps threatening to make it, but so far, nothing. The UK English use of the word "pudding" confuses me.

  5. I think the UK version of pudding is more savory than sweet. Blood pudding comes to mind.

    Bread pudding is wonderful, yummy comfort food. With a little bit of whipped cream or ice cream on the side as it comes out of the oven. Great on rainy days. Truthfully a poor man's dessert.

    The secret to a great pudding is to cook it in a water bath. And plump the raisins in hot water before you add them to the mix.