Friday, September 12, 2014

"Antosha in Prague" updated updates update

Yesterday afternoon I finally finished the draft of the title story of the collection. I think it's pretty good, frankly, for a first draft especially. The ending steals a technique from Latin American fiction, to excellent effect. Now it's onward to the other (shorter) stories. I say "shorter" there in that parenthetical because the story "Antosha in Prague" is pretty long. Maybe not quite novella length, but up there. It'll probably take up a third of the total narrative.

To remind myself, to keep tabs on my progress, I insert my imaginary table of contents, with notes on the status of each story:

"The Connoisseur" (written)
"Defending His Dissertation" (written)
"Under the Limbs of the Silver Birches" (written)
"Setting a Broken Bone" (written)
"The Suitor" (written)
"Ivan Ivanovna" (in progress)
"Nikolai Must Rest Now" (hypothetical)
"The Father of the Room" (outlined)
"Dressing for the Opera" (written)
"Bela" (hypothetical)
"The Storm" (outlined)
"Antosha in Prague" (written)
"Sakhalin" (hypothetical)
"Caspian Terns" (hypothetical)
"It's a long time since I drank champagne" (outlined)
"A White-Crowned Sparrow" (outlined, half written)

Possibly I'll have a few more story ideas. Certainly I will.

I know: boring, right? This is supposed to be mostly a blog about what I've been reading, but my time has been devoured by all of that reading, and what time I have left for writing is being given over to writing and revising new fiction. The last thing the world needs is another writer's blog. It's a conundrum. Or a quagmire.

Also, this good advice:

Enjoy your walk!


  1. Writers are people who sit in pokey corners and make up things. We were made to be boring. We just can't make what we make boring. : )

    1. Personally, I find writers to be fascinating people. FASCINATING.

  2. I'm so behind on blog reading, it's ridiculous! But congrats on this! Sounds like many more good stories to come in there. I think I've seen that sign before ...

    1. Michelle, who has time for blogging? I only read six or so blogs, and I rarely comment unless I can figure out a way to talk about Chekhov. There's all of real life (and all of writing) to get done, right? And my "Chekhov" book is pretty good so far, I think.

      I'm sure you've seen that sign before! Someday we'll come visit, and you can show us all the signs out there.

      Right now I'm trying to work on three different books, preparing for three different submissions. It's a madhouse in my head. I'm exhausted. Just exhausted.