Tuesday, February 24, 2015

rationing likely this summer

Last night I kept dreaming that someone was trying all the doors and windows of the house and I woke up every half hour or so after about 2:00 AM, listening for noises and wondering if I should get up and check all the access points, a flashlight in one hand and a claw hammer in the other, just in case. I did not get up, though.

I have begun writing a new story for the Antosha in Prague collection, this one called (provisionally) "The Snow Storm." Actors (the Moscow Art Theater) and a writer (Antosha Chekhonte) meet at the estate of an ancient playwright (Evgeny Proztvetanov, whose surname is related to the word "процветать") who has one final play he'd like acted. The language is quite complex and pleases me a great deal.

This is the collection's table of contents/plan so far:

"The Connoisseur" (written)
"Defending His Dissertation" (written)
"Under the Limbs of the Silver Birches" (written)
"Setting a Broken Bone" (written)
"The Suitor" (written)
"Ivan Ivanovna" (written)
"The Father of This Family" (written)
"To My Hands Alone" (written)
"Olivier Salad" (written)
"Dressing for the Opera" (written)
"Bela" (hypothetical)
"The Snow Storm" (in progress)
"Antosha in Prague" (written)
"Caspian Terns" (hypothetical)
"It's a long time since I drank champagne" (outlined)
"A White Sparrow" (outlined, half written)

I should probably have written "Bela" before starting work on "The Snow Storm," but them's the breaks. The book is about 65,000 words long so far. I think it will be about 85-90K when finished. We'll see. Length has never really mattered to me, but I have so far written nothing but compact novels.

It's sunny and warm in Seattle. There has been so little snowfall in the Cascades that water rationing is likely this summer.


  1. Looks enticing... And hey, come get our snow!

  2. I would take a couple feet of your snow! Our sled is covered with dust and cobwebs out in the garage. Our perfect hill is dry. Our winter clothes look askance at us, again.