Friday, March 20, 2015

Antosha In Prague, first draft finished: a dull post

Very exciting for me, that I have finished another novel, or a novel in stories, or whatever it is that I've wrought. Here are the story titles at the completion of the first draft:

"Solomon's Inn"
"The Connoisseur"
"Defending His Dissertation"
"Under the Limbs of the Silver Birches"
"Setting a Broken Bone"
"The Porcupines"
"Ivan Ivanovna"
"The Father of This Family"
"To My Hands Alone"
"Olivier Salad"
"Dressing for the Opera"
"The Snow Storm"
"Antosha in Prague"
"Good Old Russia"
"It's a long time since I drank champagne"
"A White Sparrow"

There were three story ideas I did not end up using. Maybe I'll add them in during a revision; it will depend on how the narrative flows, I guess. "Good Old Russia" was a last-minute addition, an idea I had while out running. Right now, the book is about 87,000 words long, so a decent short novel. My books always grow during revisions, no matter how much I cut.


  1. Dull or not, congratulations! I look forward to hearing about the book again a year or so from now.

    1. Thanks! It seems like a pretty good book, whatever it is.

    2. A good sign that you feel that it's pretty good before revision--enjoy playing with it now! Congratulations.

    3. Yes, I used to be happy enough just to have something on paper that I could start to work with. This one feels pretty solid already, which is pleasing.


  2. My books always grow too. The one I'm working on is 53k and I expect to end it at 65k, but who knows. It'll probably end at 97k or something. But! I want to read your book now. :)

    1. You must wait! But I think that by the end of summer, you and Davin might get a look at Mona in the Desert. So there's that. Malasarn has owed us something new to read forever.

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks. As always, I am convinced that this one is the book. I should be glad enough that it's a book.

  4. Congratulations! I look forward to learning why there are porcupines and not hedgehogs.

    1. Because of the popularity of them in Russia, I actually thought about giving someone pet hedgehogs but that story just never gelled. The hedgehog kits (or whatever they're called) were going to be named Ivan, Moishe and Tsar Alexandr. A fur hat was also to be involved. Maybe it'll come back in a revision.

    2. Are they “hoglets”? I actually first read your comment as meaning a box of stuff you use to build a hedgehog.

      I'm rooting for the fur hat and the hedgehogs, naturally, but the book sounds good to me with or without them.

    3. Oh, kits. I must've been thinking about the fox and the hedgehog to come up with that word. How funny. Now perhaps the story, if I write it, will contain someone making stuffed hedgehogs out of her father's old fur hat that was perhaps not so old that he didn't still want it around. Hmm. The main storyline concerns Pyotr Tchaikovsky, of course.