Monday, May 4, 2015

supporting our locals

Saturday was Independent Bookstore Day, in case you didn't know. Mighty Reader and I spent the afternoon cycling around Seattle, buying books. I confess that I'm not sure if the remaining chain bookstores in our fair city even sell books these days; whenever I glance in the window of the downtown Barnes & Noble, all I see are cards and CDs and other non-book items. I digress. It was a lovely spring day, we rode our bicycles up and down many hills, and purchased these fine items:

photo credit: Mighty Reader

Chamber of Chills is a present for someone else, I swear.

In other news, I am still not reading a novel. I continue along with various non-fiction, with Chaucer's Canterbury Tales, with short stories in German. We continue to put off beginning our dual reading of The Count of Monte Cristo until our between-books moments sync up. I am also not working on any writing project of my own. Soon, though. Quite soon.


  1. Perhaps you will invite read-along enthusiasts when you begin The Count of Monte Cristo. And I wish the independents weren't dying in my neck of the woods; a few used bookstores hang in there, but there are no outlets for new books other than the usual big corporation suspects -- Barnes and Noble and Books-a-Million.

    1. If we ever get to that darned book, I might remember to say something on the blog. I can't predict what I'll do, honestly.

      The bookstore in my own neighborhood went out of business two or three years ago. There's a good used bookstore within walking distance of the house and they've begun to also stock a few new books. So we'll see how that develops. At least people still read, and still buy books.

      I had no idea Books-a-Million was still in business.