Monday, January 11, 2016

Look up here, I’m in heaven

When I bought my first electric guitar in 1983 or '84, I learned to play from two songbooks I'd picked up at a Peaches: The Clash's Greatest Hits and David Bowie's Low. My first band played a rollicking punked-up version of "Be My Wife" from Low. A drummer we were auditioning turned his nose up at it. "That's not Bowie," he sniffed. No, it wasn't.


  1. The music was almost always superb, but I think I was even a bigger fan of the movie:
    Perhaps that makes me that atypical Bowie fan.
    He was in all things, to put my tribute in a single word, singular.

    1. I saw him twice: once in 1980 while he played Joseph Merrick in "The Elephant Man," and once in the 1990s on a tour with Adrian Belew.